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WHPSC 2017    

The 18th annual World Human Powered Speed Challenge will again be held in Battle Mountain, Nevada from September 11th-16th, 2017. 


The world’s fastest bicycles will attempt to break the human powered land speed record.

The challenge is against the forces of nature and the viscosity of the air itself. The record to beat is an amazing 89.59 mph set by Todd Reichert in 2016 when 10 countries from around the globe came to compete. Teams from France, Russia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico, USA, the Netherlands and Britain, including many collegiate teams, brought their high-tech pedal powered bullet-bikes to achieved amazing speeds setting many National and World records.

Click here for a full press release:http://ihpva.org/whpsc2017-press-release.htm including information and links for Graeme Obree's film "Battle Mountain" about his experience at the 2013 event.

For more information or press inquires contact Al or Alice Krause,  WHPSC  event organizers at a.krause@sbcglobal.net  707-443-8261 before the event 707-845-3683 or 707-845-3643 during the event or the Lander County Convention and Tourism Bureau at 775-635-1112

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