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A human powered airplane, Daedalus, has flown 74 miles.
In 1961, the SUMPAC airplane was flown in England. The first to fly in North America was Olympian in 1976. In 1979, IHPVA founder Paul MacCready’s Gossamer Albatross won a Kremer prize for crossing the English Channel. In May 1988 MIT’s Daedalus was pedaled 74 miles across the Aegean Sea by Kannellos Kanelopoulos.

In 1989 the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) certified that Cal Poly’s DaVinci III flight of 6.8 seconds was the first successful flight of a human powered helicopter. At an event in Seattle in 1994 a Japanese team more than trebled the time. N. Ikeuchi flew Akira Naito’s ,Yuri I, for 24 seconds.

Gossamer Albatross’ pilot Bryan Allen pedaled the human powered helium gas airship (blimp) White Dwarf, built for the comedian Gallagher, to a NAA record 58.1 miles in 1985. Japan now hosts the annual Bird Man Rally.

Human powered aircraft links

The Skycycle. Quicktime Movie files.

Nihon University Aero-students Group (NASG) home page -- NASG has the best web site if you are interested in HPA's. Their site has lots of information on HPA's, including a history and good pictures and movies, and of course a good list of links to related sites. NASG also has web pages on the Japan International Birdman Rally (JIBR) The unofficial JIBR web pages have full information and some really nice pictures from this annual event.
Kyushu University has a web site for their Team Birdman. In Japanese.

Can a human-powered ornithopter fly? Maybe...
Human Powered Ornithopter

The Royal Aeronautical Society Human Powered Aircraft Group

Velair hpa

The Raven Project
The Raven Project.
Also there is a Human Powered blimp.
And there is also an Azerbaijani postage stamp depicting an American pedal-powered "airship" from 1909.

Here's a web site in Montreal, Quebec, Canada which is devoted to Human Powered Helicopters http://helios.etsmtl.ca/index_ang.htm . Find out about the unclaimed Igor Sikorsky prize.

Also at the University of British Columbia, in Canada they have the "thunderbird project" a Human-powered Helicopter.


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