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WHPSC 2019 Dates    

The World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2019 will be held at Battle Mountain, Nevada on the following dates:

Record attempts: Sunday Sept 8th - Saturday Sept 14th.

Racer/Volunteer Meeting: Saturday Sept 7th.

Setup days: Sept 5, 6 & 7th

Five new records at WHPSC 2018    

Ken Talbot rode the ARION4 at  51.58 mph (83.02kph) in the mens' Arm-Powered Category

Karen Darke posted successive records of 41.86 mph (67.37 kph), 46.05 mph (74.11 kph) culminating in 46.54 mph (74.91 kph) riding Arion4 in the Women's Arm-Powered Category.

Ishtey Amminger rode the CO2 at 60.94 mph (98.08 kph) in the Junior Men's Multitrack category.

Congratulations to everyone !



Records fall at WHPSC 2018    


Last night (Sept 12th) Ken Talbot rode the ARION4, breaking the human powered land speed record at an astonishing 51.58mph (83.02kph). Ken is now officially the fastest human in history riding an arm-powered vehicle!

This morning, Karen Darke surpassed her previous world record, reaching 46.05 mph (74.11kph) becoming the second fastest arm-powered human ever.

The University of Liverpool team is so proud of everything both riders have achieved, their hard work, their dedication and passion which has led to these incredible records.




WHPSC 2018    

Early registration closes on August 20th -  just a few days away.

Register now and receive  a $25 discount on your application.

An option to pay by PayPal has is now available.

Click on the WHPSC button above for the necessary forms and PayPal information.

Human Power News & Human Power    

A special dual issue of the two IHPVA publications has recently been mailed to members.

In future, these publications will be distributed only by email to current members with an email address on file. Click on the "Join IHPVA" button at the top of this screen if you need to renew your membership and/or keep your email address up to date.

WHPSC 2018    

Detail information is now available for WHPSC 2018.

Go to    http://ihpva.org/whpsc/   for entry forms, waivers, racer/team information and everything you need for the event.

WHPSC 2018     


WHPSC  2018 will be held from September 10th-15th  at Battle Mountain, Nevada.



Details will follow as the event gets closer.

For more information or press inquires contact Al or Alice Krause,  WHPSC  event organizers:


707-443-8261 before the event

707-845-3683 or 707-845-3643 during the event


or the Lander County Convention and Tourism Bureau at 775-635-1112




WHPSC 2017 Update    


WHPSC 2017 is now only a few weeks away.


Application forms and details for entrants, teams and volunteers can be found at: http://ihpva.org/whpsc/index.htm

Also, please vist the WHPSC site at http://whpsc.org for comprehensive information about the event.


For more information or press inquires contact Al or Alice Krause,  WHPSC  event organizers at a.krause@sbcglobal.net  707-443-8261 before the event 707-845-3683 or 707-845-3643 during the event or the Lander County Convention and Tourism Bureau at 775-635-1112

IHPVA Updates rules for Vehicle Starts    

A statement from the IPHVA board, as of March 28th, 2017:


The board has had a long discussion about various aspects of the flying start rules. As a result of this long discussion, we have recently passed two motions. Detailed wording of rule changes remain to be worked out.  However, the board felt strongly that the result of these two motions should be communicated without further delay.


The first motion concerned launch carts, and the ban on such devices was upheld unanimously. Launch carts were ruled to be a violation of the vehicle integrity rule. We are aware that such a ban may discourage the development of certain HPV designs. However, if launch carts were to be allowed, this could encourage the development of vehicles that become utterly dependent on them to start, and it was felt that is not a direction that the original spirit of the HPV rules should encourage. Furthermore, defining an exception to the vehicle integrity rule could open a Pandora’s box of devices and approaches that also skirt this rule.

The second motion concerned the use of skates by launch assistants.

The use of skates by launch assistants is banned, effective January 1, 2018. This issue was more controversial, and the vote in favor was not unanimous. However, rationale for the skate ban was the equivalence between the pusher/skater combination with pushers plus a launch cart. The majority of the board felt that if launch carts were not allowed, skaters shouldn’t be allowed as well. We are aware that several teams use skaters for launches at WHPSC. We felt that a delayed implementation of this rule would allow adequate time for teams to retrain their people, and to adjust their vehicle designs if necessary.


WHPSC 2017    

The 18th annual World Human Powered Speed Challenge will again be held in Battle Mountain, Nevada from September 11th-16th, 2017. 


The world’s fastest bicycles will attempt to break the human powered land speed record.

The challenge is against the forces of nature and the viscosity of the air itself. The record to beat is an amazing 89.59 mph set by Todd Reichert in 2016 when 10 countries from around the globe came to compete. Teams from France, Russia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico, USA, the Netherlands and Britain, including many collegiate teams, brought their high-tech pedal powered bullet-bikes to achieved amazing speeds setting many National and World records.

Click here for a full press release:http://ihpva.org/whpsc2017-press-release.htm including information and links for Graeme Obree's film "Battle Mountain" about his experience at the 2013 event.

For more information or press inquires contact Al or Alice Krause,  WHPSC  event organizers at a.krause@sbcglobal.net  707-443-8261 before the event 707-845-3683 or 707-845-3643 during the event or the Lander County Convention and Tourism Bureau at 775-635-1112

Exciting WHPSC News !    

Content removed.

New 1-hour and 6-hour records set by Matthias König    

On July 9th, 2016 Mathias König set two new world records at Aldenhoven, Germany, riding a Milan SL MKII:

6-Hour Men's, Standing Start:

  • 234.13 miles, 376.79 km at an average speed of 39.02 mph, 62.80 kph.

1-Hour  Men's, Standing Start (Single Rider, Multitrack):

  • 42.32 miles, 68.11 km.
New World Records at WHPSC 2016    

During the week of September 12 – 17, 2016 several new records were set for the 200M Flying Start Speed Trial on successive days at Battle Mountain, Nevada:


Sarah Piercy – Women’s Arm Powered (Multitrack): 24.85 mph (39.99 kph);


Florian Kowalik – Men’s Junior (Age 15 to 17 years): 62.69 mph (100.88 kph),  63.86 mph (102.77 kph) & 65.93 mph (106.10 kph);


Gareth Hanks – Men’s Multitrack: 73.95 mph (119.01 kph);


Todd Reichert – Men’s: 88.26 mph (142.04 kph) & 89.59 mph (144.17 kph).


For full results and information from WHPSC 2016, go to the WHPSC pages at http://whpsc.org

Another World Record at WHPSC 2016    

Florian Kowalik again rode the Gee Bee  to a new Men’s Junior (Age 15 to 17 years) record on September 15th, 2016. His speed of 63.86 mph (102.77 kph)  exceeds his previous record of  62.69 mph (100.88 kph), set the previous day. 

For current  results and information  from WHPSC 2016, go to  the WHPSC pages at  http://whpsc.org

New World Records at WHPSC 2016    


New 200 meter Flying Start  records were set at Battle Mountain, Nevada on September 14th:

Todd Reichert rode the Eta at 88.26 mph (142.04 kph) to set  a new  Men’s record. This eclipses his previous record of 86.65 mph (139.46kph) set on September 19th, 2015 at the same location.

Florian Kowalik rode the Gee Bee at 62.69 mph (100.88 kph)  to set a new Men’s Junior (Age 15 to 17 years) record. This exceeds the previous record of 61.45 mph (98.89 kph) set by Mackie Martin  at Battle Mountain on September 18th, 2003.

For current  results and information  from WHPSC 2016, go to  the WHPSC pages at  http://whpsc.org

New Men's 1-hour Multitrack record    

Pieter Pas has set a new Men's 1-hour, Standing start, Multitrack record of 43.92 miles (70.68 kilometers) riding the PP3.0. He set the record at the Dekra track in Klettwitz, Germany on July 24th, 2016.

The previous record of 36.94 miles (59.45 kilometers) was set by Al Voigt in the Vector in May 1980.

Congratulations Pieter !

WHPSC 2016    

WHPSC 2016 will be held at Battle Mountain, Nevada  on September 12th -17th, 2016.


Click for the WHPSC 2016 Web pages:  http://www.recumbents.com/wisil/whpsc2016/speedchallenge.htm

WHPSC 2015 Results    


An exciting event with several new world records !

Check out Mike Mowett's Ms Excel-format  chart of the results with comprehensive information about each rider and their HPVs.

The approved official records are posted  on the IHPVA records pages.

More World Records at WHPSC 2015     

On Thursday morning, Sept 17th,  Todd Reichert set a new Men's 200M record of 85.71 mph in Team AeroVelo's Eta.

The new record is  2.58 mph faster than the 83.13 mph record set by   Sebastiaan Bouwier of HPV Team Delft in  Velox 3 on  September 14th, 2013. 

On Friday evening, Sept 18th, Todd set another record at 86.50 mph in Eta. On Saturday evening, Sept 19th, Todd went even faster, recording 86.65 mph.


AeroVelo Team - image courtesy of Cindy Lu Turner

New Records at WHPSC 2015    

New records were set on Monday, Sept 14th at Battle Mountain:

  •  Florian Kowalik set a Men's   Junior Multi-track (trike) record of 53.41 mph in   Completely Overzealous 2 (CO2). This is the first-time entry in this specific class, which does  not have any   previous record. Florian susbsequently raised his speed to 57.92  mph on Thursday, Sept 17th.  
  • Liz McTernan reached 24.72 mph in an unfaired handcycle, beating the prior record of 21.39 mph, which was set by Michelle Malewicki in 1992.

On Tuesday, Sept 15th,  Ellen van Vugt set a new Women's Multi-track record of 51.91 mph in Completely Overzealous 2 (CO2)  and then raised it on Sept 17th to a second record of 54.453 mph, in the same vehicle. 


Keep abreast of all the Battle Mountain results at WHPSC.ORG

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