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Exciting WHPSC News !    

Lander County, Nevada is applying for a land grant/swap to be used to build a new dedicated race course for the WHPSC.

The application is for 22,000 acres of surplus BLM land in Buffalo Valley, slightly west and north of the current location where we race on SR 305. The Nevada State Tourism people are excited, Newmont Mining Corporation has offered to do road work and Lander County is looking at this as a new economic development opportunity.

There are many other uses under consideration for the site including a large oval track, wind tunnel, workspaces, and velodrome. But the land must be obtained before any real plans can be developed.

Would all of you please consider writing your own letter of support?  One page or less is fine.

The land swap is working its way through congress now and we may have an answer in early 2017. The more support shown the better.

This quest is supported by the Lander County Economic Development Authority (LEDA)


Paula Tomera, Executive director of the Lander County Convention and Tourism Authority (LCCAT) has written:

We have some very exciting news for The World Human Powered Speed Challenge. 

LCCAT is working on the feasibility of developing our own track and possibly facilities for the WHPSC off Highway 305. We are still working out the details as well as the location. 

What I need from all of you is a support letter for the event and a new track. The potential impact this could have on our event could be tremendous! 

Also anyone interested in extending your talents to us in developing this project would be greatly appreciated.”

If you support this project, please contact Paula at 775-635-1112,  landercta@gmail.com or mail your letters to Paula Tomera, Executive Director, Lander County Convention & Tourism Authority, 470 Broad Street, Battle Mountain, NV. 89820 or contact Al & Alice Krause at a.krause@sbcglobal.net

New 1-hour and 6-hour records set by Matthias König    

On July 9th, 2016 Mathias König set two new world records at Aldenhoven, Germany, riding a Milan SL MKII:

6-Hour Men's, Standing Start:

  • 234.13 miles, 376.79 km at an average speed of 39.02 mph, 62.80 kph.

1-Hour  Men's, Standing Start (Single Rider, Multitrack):

  • 42.32 miles, 68.11 km.
New World Records at WHPSC 2016    

During the week of September 12 – 17, 2016 several new records were set for the 200M Flying Start Speed Trial on successive days at Battle Mountain, Nevada:


Sarah Piercy – Women’s Arm Powered (Multitrack): 24.85 mph (39.99 kph);


Florian Kowalik – Men’s Junior (Age 15 to 17 years): 62.69 mph (100.88 kph),  63.86 mph (102.77 kph) & 65.93 mph (106.10 kph);


Gareth Hanks – Men’s Multitrack: 73.95 mph (119.01 kph);


Todd Reichert – Men’s: 88.26 mph (142.04 kph) & 89.59 mph (144.17 kph).


For full results and information from WHPSC 2016, go to the WHPSC pages at http://whpsc.org

Another World Record at WHPSC 2016    

Florian Kowalik again rode the Gee Bee  to a new Men’s Junior (Age 15 to 17 years) record on September 15th, 2016. His speed of 63.86 mph (102.77 kph)  exceeds his previous record of  62.69 mph (100.88 kph), set the previous day. 

For current  results and information  from WHPSC 2016, go to  the WHPSC pages at  http://whpsc.org

New World Records at WHPSC 2016    


New 200 meter Flying Start  records were set at Battle Mountain, Nevada on September 14th:

Todd Reichert rode the Eta at 88.26 mph (142.04 kph) to set  a new  Men’s record. This eclipses his previous record of 86.65 mph (139.46kph) set on September 19th, 2015 at the same location.

Florian Kowalik rode the Gee Bee at 62.69 mph (100.88 kph)  to set a new Men’s Junior (Age 15 to 17 years) record. This exceeds the previous record of 61.45 mph (98.89 kph) set by Mackie Martin  at Battle Mountain on September 18th, 2003.

For current  results and information  from WHPSC 2016, go to  the WHPSC pages at  http://whpsc.org

New Men's 1-hour Multitrack record    

Pieter Pas has set a new Men's 1-hour, Standing start, Multitrack record of 43.92 miles (70.68 kilometers) riding the PP3.0. He set the record at the Dekra track in Klettwitz, Germany on July 24th, 2016.

The previous record of 36.94 miles (59.45 kilometers) was set by Al Voigt in the Vector in May 1980.

Congratulations Pieter !

WHPSC 2016    

WHPSC 2016 will be held at Battle Mountain, Nevada  on September 12th -17th, 2016.


Click for the WHPSC 2016 Web pages:  http://www.recumbents.com/wisil/whpsc2016/speedchallenge.htm

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