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IHPVA Official Speed Records

  IHPVA Comments

We place no restrictions on the vehicle, except that it be powered only by the rider.

No energy storage devices may be used with the exception that non-human power sources (batteries, solar cells, etc.) are permitted only for powering sensors, displays, communication equipment and lights. Control devices, cooling fans, powered aerodynamic devices, etc., may not be powered from non-human sources.

We are adamant that proper minimum safety equipment be used: helmet, brakes, steering, no sharp protrusions, etc

We do require a few minor items. In general they are:

Operate in a safe condition:
   • - Approved helmet,
   • - Closed course - no road/spectator accidents please,
   • - Timing to reasonable accuracy, +/-0.001 sec,
   • - Distance to surveyor standard. -lap to 0.1 ft/3 cm,

Independent verification (IHPVA Approved Observer):
   • - Document the time/distance.
   • - Document the conditions the attempt was performed under
• - (wind conditions, site survey…)
We don't have many rules. They aren't hard to abide by.
They are more relaxed then any other cycling organization.

Click for full IHPVA Rules.

  IHPVA Disclaimer
These records are in Web format for display only.
The master set of official IHPVA Records is maintained by the IHPVA Records Committee and Historian.

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