CAD Library of HPV's and parts 

In most workplaces where CAD is used, the task of drafting is simplified by employing readily accessible, accurate drafted drawings of components.
Component drawings are put together to make assembly drawings of complete, useful items.
The IHPVA will hold or simplify access to 2D and 3D files of common HPV / Bike components. This CAD library would greatly simplify the task of designing bikes.
Draft Guidelines for CAD Library Drawings:
  •  Drawings to be in DXF R14 format
  • Drawings to be drawn to a scale of 1 drawing unit = 1 mm
  • Have a maximum of 2 layers on any drawings, 1 layer for dimensions and one for the objects.
  • Dimension in mm and leave dimensions as single, unexploded entities.
  • Keep dimensions to an absolute minimum and only show important sizes. ie for wheel, OD and are axle width could be included.
  • Drawing filenames should start with 2d or 3d depending on the content of the drawing.
  • Origin point of the drawing should be logical and "on the centreline of the bike" wherever possible, ie for wheels,handlebars, seats, seatposts.
  • Manufacturers are welcome to submit links to their own libraries of component drawings.
  • Drawings should not reveal commercially sensitive details of a specific manufacturer's components.
  • Drawings may be of bike components or of complete components which form the basis of an HPV conversion, ie Raleigh 20, mixte frame ladies bike.
Steve Nurse proposed these guidelines
Here are some example drawings from Steve:
Here are some example .jpg drawings submitted previously:
Some submissions:
3dfront_hub.dxf Some drawings from Rohloff (their txt file) SPEEDHUBS **all 2D**
3drear_hub.dxf OA03E.dxf -Dropout mounting dimension
3d3x3.dxf OA11E.dxf - Droupout left
3dpulley.dxf OA02D.dxf - Torque arm
text from author of above 4 OA13D.dxf -Droupout left
Wheel03.bmp OA14D.dxf - Droupout right
2dmalvern_star_folder.dxf OA17C.dxf - Dropout DB left
3d20in_rear_wheel.dxf OA18B.dxf -Dropout different types
3d31-4post&seat.dxf OA25G.dxf - Dropout left disk brake
3dfrom_sn.txt OA26D.dxf - Dropout frame part steel
3dheadstem.dxf OA28E.dxf - Dropout right rear derailleur
3dpedals.dxf OA31D.dxf - Dropout frame part left/right
3drack.dxf OA36C.dxf - Dropout AL frame part
3drack.jpg OA47A.dxf - Dropout left/right
3drderailleur.dxf OA48B.dxf -Dropout frame part right for side stand
3drderailleur.txt OA49A.dxf - Dropout frame part right
 A useful tool which can be used in conjunction with our library is this collection of java applets that can generate DXF files of a variety of bicycle configurations including short wheelbase recumbents. Brent Curry's CAD software is located at
Also Peter Eland has used and references some free CAD software at


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