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WHPSC 2017 is only a few days away!    

Some of the teams and riders we're expecting at  WHPSC 2017:

Team Super Ketta  are coming back with the same bike as last year, but with a new rider, Shinsuke Kouzai.

Team Policumbent have a brand new bike, Taurus, which has been designed from the ground up as a camera bike.

Human Power Team Delft Amsterdam is back with Velox 7. This year, they have two female riders and are gunning for the women’s record of 75.69 mph.

University of Liverpool is back with Arion 3, and rider Ken Buckley.  

University of Toronto is back with Eta Prime and Bluenose.  Alan Petit will also ride Eta Prime, and four or five riders will cycle though Bluenose.

Team Varna with Barbara Buatois ares back to break her own world record with a new Varna camera bike.

Team Elan - Ellen and Hans are back with Velox S2.  She’ll have plenty of competition for the women’s record this year.

Universidad de la Salle Team -The Mexican team is coming back, this time with a completed bike.

MacQuarie University has been working on a streamliner for a couple of years, and they are coming this time.

Peter Borenstadt  will be back with his DF velomobile.

Adam Ince  will be back with Dos to the Tres in the multitrack class.

Natasha Morrison - Former Liverpool rider Natasha will be back to try to set an official WRRA record for an unpaired recumbent.

John Jackstone - volunteer John is finally going to run his streamliner (the REO Speedwagon) down Rt 305 this year.

John Mumme is a handbike rider from Reno who will see how close he can get to the arm powered record with an unfaired racing trike.

(Thank you Jun Nogami, Larry Lem and Mike Mowett for compling this information.)

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